Terms & Conditions

  1. Bluey's Pages reserves the right to reject any advertisement which it considers unsuitable for publication or which it declines to publish for any other reason at its absolute discretion.
  2. While every endeavour will be made to ensure the insertion of an advertisement in accordance with the advertisers instructions, no liability whatever will be accepted for any loss or damage occasioned by any error or omission or misplacement or by late or delayed publication or distribution.
  3. It is the responsibility of the advertiser or its agent to notify Bluey's Pages of any error immediately after publication and Bluey's Pages shall not be responsible for the republication of any error not notified to it. All advertisements lodged with Bluey's Pages must comply with the Regulations and Advertising Codes of the Media Council of Australia and with the interpretations of the Advertising Standards Council.
  4. The positioning of advertisements shall be at the discretion of Bluey's Pages. Without limiting this discretion, whatever special arrangements have been made and payment of appropriate loading charges agreed to, Bluey's Pages will make every endeavour to position advertisements as agreed; in particular special placements are subject to space availability at the time of printing.
  5. Receipt of copy by whatever means shall constitute and order for publication of the advertisements.
  6. Bluey's Pages savings card members are committed to offer the Bluey's Pages savings nominated in their advertisement.
  7. Bluey's Pages P/L guarantees advertisement in publication will run at least a full twelve months.
  8. The advertiser or agency accepts full responsibility for the content of each advertisement published and agrees to indemnify Bluey's Pages and all its employees and agents against any liability whatsoever to any person or corporation (other than the advertiser) which may arise from such publication, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, liability for negligence or want of care of Bluey's Pages or any employee or agent of Bluey's Pages.
  9. Late payments made after publication will incur current bank interest rates.
  10. The client indemnifies Bluey's Pages P/L legally for any problem caused by billboard affixed to clients vehicle and/or building.
  11. If Bluey's Pages prints an advertisement containing an error or fails to print an advertisement in an agreed position or fails to print an advertisement or distribute the printed at a time when it was scheduled to be published or distributed, Bluey's Pages or any employee or agent shall incur no liability whatsoever to the advertiser or agency and including without limiting generality of the foregoing, liability for negligence of Bluey's Pages or any employee or agent of Bluey's Pages beyond, at the discretion of the advertiser, an undertaking to print the advertisement again at a convenient time.
  • Advertisements are accepted for publication subject to the conditions set on the Advertising Booking Contract.
  • Bluey's Pages accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss due to the failure of an advertisement which appears according to instructions.
  • Positioning or placement of advertisements is at the discretion of the Publisher.
  • Advertisers and agents acting on their behalf, indemnify the Publishers, its servants and agents, against all liability claims or proceedings whatsoever, arising from the publication, including defamation, slander of title, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practices, royalties or violation of rights or privacy.
  • Advertisers and agents acting on their behalf warrant that advertising material complies with all laws and regulations and that its publication will not give rise to any claims or liabilities against the Publisher.
  • Bluey's Pages does not guarantee this publication is free from errors or omissions of business listings or advertisements.
  • Inaccuracies may be reported to Bluey's Pages by phone 1300 246 800 or by filling out Contact Us.