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Television Antennas in Melbourne

Television antenna is used for receiving the signal from the television station. It has only receiver that is used to receive the signal it has not transmitter so we can't transmit the signal to the other. It is designed for the good reception for an air board casting station. All the television antennas have high gain and less bandwidth.

There two types of antenna generally used for television reception one is dipole antenna and another one is yagi uda antenna. Now a days dish antenna is also used in a television communication system. This type is antenna are placed on the roof top of the owner building expect the dipole antenna it is placed at the top of the television.

The working of this antenna is simple the signal from the television stations are received by the antenna and demodulates it by converting radio waves in to an electric signal and pass it to television anode and generating the image sequence by using an electron gun at 25 fps. Each antenna signal has it's own frequency antenna will receive the coded that are programed to if another signal is trying to enter means it will reflect the signal by using an antenna reflector. In Australia the dish antenna is used mostly in houses. But some of them using satellite television it has built in antenna.