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Security Doors, Windows & Grilles in Melbourne

Security doors are used to protect houses, companies, industries and shops from the thieves. security screens and grilles. you should always keep security doors and screens locked or closed even if are you are in home.

security doors are comes from traditional metal doors. Now a days we can install the security doors that could fit our windows generally we use timber. You can also have your own custom-designed to perfectly fit in and they come in a range of colours.

Normally security doors should have three locks one in the middle and one at the top and bottom of the door. so that thieves will not entry easily. For this same reason, the door should also have three hinges. The door should meet Australian Standards and be professionally installed. Finally, if you have an aluminum door, it should have 7mm mesh and if you have a steel door, the bars should be 10-12mm square. Any security door repairs are best undertaken by the original installer, who will be familiar with the product and also carry the appropriate spare parts.

Security grilles should be constructed of solid aluminum or steel. This provides maximum security. It is important to check that your grilles have gabs so that you are able to exit your home in emergencies. Also, many manufacturers will have a quick release locking system so that it can be removed in case of emergency. Grilles can be fitted to many materials brick, concrete, timber or aluminum window frames and can be internal or external. They provide security-wise and provide much more protection than window locks alone. Security grilles are useful in that you can leave the window itself open to allow ventilation but still be secure, especially in more vulnerable areas of your property.