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Scrap Metal Merchants in Melbourne

Scrap metal merchants are used to buy a unwanted pieces of metal from the houses, construction yards, commercial building and industries. They will collect all the metal and dump it in to a storage. After that they will bring all the metal to wreaked garage and put it in to the high pressure hydraulic machine this machine will press the metal at high pressure and make it small size usually in a box shape.

This metal are reused for various purposes depend up on the applications. Each metal has its own value assigned by the scrap merchants. Scrap merchants buy either in pawn shop or in a industry by a contract basics. They will never go in a door steps of houses. Recycling scrap metals can be quite beneficial to the environment. Using recycled scrap metal in place of virgin iron ore can yield.

The metal recycling industry encompasses a wide range of metals in Australia . The more frequently recycled metals are scrap steel, iron (ISS), lead, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and zinc. There are two main categories of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous. Metals which contain iron in them are known as Ferrous where metals without iron are non-ferrous metal.