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Scaffolding & Aerial Lifts in Melbourne

Scaffolding or Aerial lifts which is used to carry a humans from top floor to ground floor. Scaffolds are used when work needs to be work in areas that cannot be done from the ground and the use of ladder material is impractical. Scaffolds must have a good supporting, without failure, it's used to carry 4 times of its own weight maximum intended load applied. The footing for scaffolds must be, rigid, and capable of supporting the scaffold and its maximum intended load without surface displacement. Unstable objects are not to support scaffolds.

Aerial lifts are mounted aerial devices to elevate personal to work areas not work from the ground like scaffolding ; extendible boom platforms, aerial ladders, articulating booms, vertical towers, and a combination of any such devices. The lift must will not be move when the elevated in a working position unless the lift is specifically designed to do so. In Australia a person performing scaffolding and aerial lifts work must hold the relevant scaffolding license class if a person or thing may fall more than 4 meters from the scaffold. The license is issued by the WHS regulator.

In Australia construction sites Routine inspection and maintenance shall be based upon the working environment, the frequency and severity of use, while the aerial lifts and scaffolding in service . The inspection shall be carried out at no more than three-monthly intervals unless the aerial lifts and scaffolding not in-service.

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