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Safes & Vaults in Melbourne

Safes is also known as safer box. It is used to keep our valuable things safe from thief and fire. Generally it is in cylinder or box in shape that has a key hole to open the safe. It is made up of high quality plastics, irons and wood in olden days. Now it comes in different shape and sizes and different material like wood,plastic,steel and iron etc.

Safe are normally seen in houses and shops rather then the industries and bank.
Safe are generally comes with key and multi locking in olden days. Which is so hard to break because it is made up of iron and it has several locking system which makes the thief hard to find the sequence of the lock only the owner known combination.

In modern safes comes with key, combination, time lock and electronic lock.
Safes are come with different size, material, and shapes depend upon the money.
Key safe are general safe normally we used a key to open it. Combination is different when have a set a combination of code to unlock it. Time lock is a electronic lock which uses timer to open and close but its need a key or password to access it. Electronic lock are very modern technology it as a scanner buit in the user used to scan their finger print or retinal scan to unlock it.

Vaults are big is size and structure they will do exact same thing as safe but it will protect highly valuable thing in large number. We can seen this in bank and hotels and other sectors etc . It is also so hard to break. It is made of 20 centimeters of iron. It is in circular shape or some times it's comes in rectangular shape. Guardian Vaults opened for business in 2002 and is the only privately owned and operated safe deposit box company with multiple high security vaults in Australia.

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