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Leadlights in Melbourne

Lead lights are elegant custom made windows of small section of glass supported in lead cams. Such work of architecture and the latter with the windows of vernacular commercial and domestic architecture and defined by its simplicity.

Traditionally, lead light windows differ from stained glass because its principle of making is less complex in design and employing techniques is also simple. Stained glass windows are usually seen in churches, it include design components that have been painted onto the glass. The extra time and cost employed in painting and firing the glass usually prohibited its use in domestic architecture. While stained glass windows are found principally in churches and ornate buildings, lead light windows, which rarely employ painted components, are much more common, and from the 1860s to the 1930s were a regular architectural feature in many private houses and cottages, where their style is often a clue to the age of the building.

In Australia lead lights work shops and services provides you with all the supplies you'll need for projects in stained glass and lead light, glass fusing, copper foiling, mosaics, and much more. Now coloured resins that are floated onto the glass, with the different colours divided by a line of resin that emulates the lead came which is used in traditional pieces.

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