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Insulation Services & Supplies in Melbourne

Insulation is a process of moving the heat from houses and buildings. Insulating materials work by trapping air that restrict it from moving. Heat transfer that would normally be accomplished through natural air movement it will slowed down because the air can't move as freely.

The thickness of an insulation material it not a matter for its effectiveness. Some material trap more effectively than others, and produce the same performance with less material thickness. For example once inch of mineral wool insulation, for instance, has the same heat resistance abilities as 46 inches of concrete.

In Australia they use earth wool is used for insulation for houses and building. Because it is natural product comes from the leaves and plants. It is brown in color.
Average cost of insulating a 3 bedroom house at $1200 the governments insulation rebate of up to $1600.

Benefits are Reduce Our Green House Gas Omission 70% of most commonly used Glass Insulation is made from recycled glass Effect Potentially 2.2 Million Homes or 40% of Houses in Australia Equivalent to a green house gas omission reduction.