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Funeral Directors in Melbourne

A funeral director or morticians, who is responsible for planning and preparation of a funeral. Funeral practices differ accordingly among diverse cultures and religions of Australia.
With the discussion of family members and friends funeral directors decide how the funeral will be performed. They arrange hearse for transportation of body to mortuary, setting the times and locations and finally the burial.

Other responsibilities include preparing and distributing the obituary notices, making intimation to newspaper offices, preparing and decorating the sites of all services and also arranging the transportation of the remains. They ensure the arrangements of refrigeration or embalming which is used to preserve the body for more than 24 hours after death. They keep the body appearance as natural by applying cosmetics. Dressing is also performed by them.

After months, memorial services can take place with the help of funeral directors. Apart from this they will also issue the formal certificate of death. Funeral homes generally have a hearse, a flower car, limousines, and, occasionally, an ambulance. For further details contact them who are listed on this page.

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