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Drafting Services in Melbourne

Drafting is a process of creating or drawing a 2D design of a building generally called as blue prints. It is done by architect or some drawing persons who has experience in it. It is also provided as services now a days for clients.

Usually they will draw a outline of the object with size,scale,dimension and radius. It consist of side view,top view,bottom view and maybe a 3D view. They used draw with the pencil and chart. Now a days they are are using a modern software like CAD etc. it also help to draw a design without any error and provide a clean diagram. It can also be stored electronically, and provides more detail and options. Drafting services use CAD and anarchical as their major method of creating plans and designs.

We are usually use an engineer, they are expects in architecture. Architects will engage draftsmen to draft house designs, showing the dimensions of the house, the configuration of the rooms, and specifications for windows, doors, lights, appliances and other features, as well as external details such as driveways, garden beds, fencing and roof type. These are house plans or building plans.

The services is provided based on the plan details. There is also lots of drafting company in Sydney Australia.

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