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Dog & Cat Clipping & Grooming in Melbourne

Dogs and cats grooming is very important. It keeps your dog clean and energetic and as well as preventing from disease.

Before grooming make sure you have all the material in your hands. First comb the hair with or comb then clean the eye lashes because some dogs and cats have a dirt on the eye and remove the dirt from the ears using buds and remove the unwanted nails then give a hug after finished all this because so that they can feel comfortable and place them in to a tub for prevention use suction cups so that they wont move. Pour a water to them and apply a shampoo start from neck after finishing the bath clean them using towel and use a hair dryer to dry all water.

Clipping can be done in various ways for hair clipping you can use scissor as well as trimmer but make sure you are going correctly. For nail you can scissors and nail cutter. For cleaning the teeth put a small amount of tooth paste and brush slowly because some of them are feel uncomfortable while brushing a teeth.

Clipping and grooming the dog and cat will make them look good and feel good.
In Australia there are lots of famous dog and cats clipping centers they will take a good care of them. We can check the online if there are available in our area and we can also see the pricing.

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