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Clothing Alterations & Repairs in Melbourne

Cloth alterations means changing the look of the original cloth " custom " by means. Alteration means adding or removing the size and look. It can be done by tailor most but in some house parents are do the alterations in their and children cloths.

Now a days dress are come with a material so that we can choose a material and stitch the material depends upon the customers because ready made dresses not comes with new model and various sizes. So they go with the material.

Ready made dresses can alter to the but the originality we be spoiled its also not even look so good when we alter the ready made dress. Both ready made and material dress are same cost only. In ready made dress we bought for 1000 dollars means the material will be 500 dollars and stitching is 500 dollars. So both are same price.

Its depend upon the customers wish to alter the ready made dresses or to buy a material. Tailor who design and alter the dress for payment. There is also a different types of tailors like local tailor,distance tailor and traveling tailor. The tailor machine,scissors and woolen these are tools for the tailors.

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