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Carpet & Rug Repairs in Melbourne

carpet and is a process of repairing the damaged carpet. It has various methods for repairing the the carpet. First find the place where the carpet is damaged and mark it like use a empty can press on the damaged piece so it will create a embossed circle. And cut the piece with a sharp knife and find a similar piece of the rug then cut with the same size of the damaged piece place it over a damaged piece and press tightly and trim the edges for smoothing the surface.

You can also put a tape on the damaged area but it will look different and visible to others. You can also use a boom stick to will the hole with lose fibers. Steal some fibers from an inconspicuous area of the carpet. Think the back of a closet or beneath a radiator. Then use a razor blade to cut the damaged area down to the backing.

Use a toothpick or other small implement to apply a waterproof adhesive to the backing and then use tweezers to very carefully press the fibers into the glue. Let the glue dry before walking on the spot and, when it's dry, use scissors to trim the spot so that it's even.

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