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Cakes & Pastries in Melbourne

Cakes are usually made up of baked bread,butter,milk and egg . But now a days it is made up of several ingredients that gives nice texture and taste the main ingredients is not changed that remains the same. The basic shape is circular now it can be at any shape and any form. Morden cake are made with bread,milk,egg,fruits and nuts. Which gives a a nice taste to to tounge.

There is a lots of variety of cakes that make for meals even better. Butter cake,cheese cake, and spongecake. Butter cake a made up of butter and bread cheese cake is made up of cheese and likt and spogue cake is made full baked bread no ingredients. There is also a special purpose cake which is used in ceremony,birthday parties and weeding. This cakes are made up of lots of ingredients and ice this kind of cake as to be in freezer only because it is filled with fresh cream normally called as butter cream.

It has different kind of shapes and colour like barbiegirl,cat and picture ( photo ) like that. But it is costly when compared to other cakes. It has many layers each layer can be differnt or the same its depends upon a customer wish.
The term cake has a long history.

Frog cake,esterhazy,lamington,punschkrapfen,sachertorte and salzburger nockerl are the most popular cakes and birth orgin of Australia.

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