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Bus Services in Melbourne

Bus services are generally used to help the passenger travel from one place to another according to the route in which government allocated. It was first started in pairs in the year of 1662. There is also a different types of bus transport services.
Like urban,long distance,flexible and specialist bus services.

urban transport services is the most common type of public transport bus service, and is used to transport large numbers of people in urban areas, These services are often organized on a network basis centered on an urban center of a town, and may specific route branded buses. The predominant bus type used on these services is the transit bus. Long distance bus services are used to travel long distance like between cities. It will go where there is no rail road or poor railroad that people suffer to travel in the between the cities.

Bus Australia was formed in 1985 when perth volvo dealer Max Winkless linked Across Australia Coachlines with Briscoe's Coachlines and Quest Tours of adelaide. In 1989 the east coast based Intertour business was purchased. In 1993 Bus Australia merged with greyhound and pioneer to form Greyhound Pioneer Australia.

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