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Balustrading in Melbourne

A series of vertical pillars which are used to support a railing at the top is known as balustrades and it is a French word. That is an architectural design which is popular in all over the world. It contains a small cylindrical piece in the centre of each end. It is used to beautify house, building, hotels and other places.

It is practical and decorative architectural feature and provide safety or
support. Plasters, hardwood, softwood, cast iron and stones are used to make balustrades nowadays. Balustrade is basically a row of balusters and many modern malls and buildings are using glass balustrades and these are separated by same measurement and does not look good placing too for only for the saving of money.

It may be of round or square shape and generally used on balcony, stairs and porches. If you are looking for those people who are working in this field then you can details from our website. We have many service provider in every Australian city.

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