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Audiovisual Systems-design & Installation in Melbourne

Audiovisual system generally known as ( AV ). It is a combination of both audio and video devies that may work together to create a awesome effect. Generally it is used in clubs,presentations,flims and televisions. It also used in company presentation for example the presenter speak about the topic and the image is been slided using projector or a computer connected projector.

Generally audiovisual systems are comes with mic and display device. But in morden days they come with speakers and other display devices people have no long to speak with the mic the voice has been recorded with the audiosystem and put it in to the computer and combining the both audio and visual together and present it using display device.

Audiovisual system can be designed depened upon the application. It can be used in colleges,musuem,office,theatres etc. So pirst we have to make plan for the design what size of the screen is to use its width,height,depth etc. And what type of audio is been used normally for school and colleges a minium DB is used but for theatre and musuem and all a large number of speakers with base have to use so depend upon the application various types of audiovisual system is used.