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Asphalt in Melbourne

Asphalt is also called as bitumen Commonly known as tar. asphalt and bitumen are often used interchangeably to mean both natural and manufactured forms of the substance It is semi solid and sticky form of petroleum. It is found in a natural deposit like sea deep soil etc. It is normally used in road construction. It is also used to create a asphalt concrete by adding some minerals and make it has gule and put it in the mold and keep it dry for 24 hours and concrete is made. It is also mainly used for water proof sealing and sealing the roof tops.

The asphalt is normally in a solid form by heating it in high temperature it has been made a semi solid and used for deseried purposes. The asphalt became very strong solid after it cool down but it also became a semi solid when it is heated up again. Small stones are some minerals are used to strengthen the asphalt. Due to content of petroleum the asphalt can burn for long time.

Asphalt can now use in many ways in morden ways like rolled asphalt,mastic asphalt,asphalt emulsion. Rolled asphalt are used in roads usually around 7-10% of the whole aggregate mix, as opposed to rolled asphalt concrete, which has only around 5% added asphalt/bitumen. Aphalt emusion is a number of technologies allow asphalt/bitumen to be mixed at much lower temperatures. These involve mixing with petroleum solvents to form cutback with reduced melting point, or mixtures with water to turn the asphalt into an emulsion.

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